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Monday, May 02, 2005

"Les Moissoneurs"...couperin

Les Moissoneurs is an example of a seven part rondo.

The "A" theme is seen in measures 1-8. There is an IAC at measure 4 (though if you're counting beat 2 as the chord, then it's a PAC) and a PAC at measure 8 in the key of Bb.

The "B" theme is from measures 9-12 and has modulated to the dominant key of F. There is a PAC at measure 12. This is notably the shortest theme, but I guess it slides because it's the first variations of sorts.

"A" comes back at measure 12 and continues until measure 20. Again, there are 4 bar phrases ending with an IAC at 16 and a PAC at 20 in Bb.

The "C" theme is from measures 20-28. There is a HC in the key of g minor at measure 24 and a PAC at measure 28.

"A" comes back from 28-36. Again, IAC in 32, PAC in 36 in the original key of Bb.

The "D" theme is from measures 36-50. The first four measures are modulating to the key of c minor, and end on a HC in measure 40, followed by a PAC in 44 in the key of c minor. The next next 6 bars are modulating back to the original key of Bb and ending on a PAC in measure 50.

The last 8 bars are the final playing of the "A" theme. One last time, HC in measure 54 and a PAC to end it off in the key of our original Bb.

ummm....short, sweet, to the point.


Ihearthautbois said...

we had a lot of the same stuff... huzzah.

Spoonaloompa said...

I'm glad you had it analyzed as a 7-part rondo as well - we'll have to stick together in our decision against the 5-parters.