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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

piano sonata D Major

This is a 5 part rondo. Since everybody seems to like my outline format, I guess I will just use it again!

-Lasts from measure 1 to measure 20
-Begins in the key of D Major
-Begins very softly and slowly moves from p to f.
-This is a rounded binary form. The b of A is in the dominant key, A Major.
-Ends in tonic key, D Major.

-Lasts from measure 21 to measure 40.
-Tonality shifts to the parallel minor.
-Another rounded binary form!

-Key changes to G Major... and many other keys. What the heck is going on here?
-Tempo changes a bit with the use of fast 16th note figures
-rounded binary, AGAIN.


Ed Geyer said...

Your right, I do like your outline form. It helps to make it very clear and to the point. I hope you won't be angry if I copy you and do the same format.

Kaberle said...

Hey mutt...I just wish you could talk through with some more cadences...Great start!!!! :)