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Monday, May 02, 2005

Couperin "Les Moissonneurs"

This is a 5 part rondo. This piece begins in B flat major and ends on a PAC in B flat major after a 9 measure phrase. Then there is a tiny 5 measure phrase that repeats and is a B section. Following this, the A theme returns identical to the first time it was played. Then there is a C section that starts similarly to the B section but is different harmonically in the left hand. Then in measure 28 the A theme returned once again. In measure 37 the theme returns but is an octave higher. This goes into a variation and expansion on the theme. It has a lot of eigth note motion until the return of the A theme in the regular range, ending on a PAC. It's impressive how so much was squeezed into such a short piece. Perhaps it could even be considered a 7 part rondo with the last octave up A section actually being a D section. Then at the end there is another A section. I didn't notice any huge structural phenomena. Rhythm and articulations were similar through out. It is a simple rondo form.


Spoonaloompa said...

Ooh - a middle-of-the-road opinion. There's gonna be some discussin' 'bout the 7 or 5 part rondo debate. Drama. w00t.

Mr. Luxury Yacht said...

Good job. I didn't do this one becuase i was sure how to treat all the couplets in relation to the original melody.