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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Les Moissoneurs - Couperin

ABACADA- Seven part rondo.....

The first A last for the first 8 measures. I begins in B flat major and has a IAC in m. 4 and a PAC in m. 8. This first part is a repeated period.

The B is in the dom. key of B flat...which is F major. this section begins in m. 9 and last till m. 12 which is where the only cadence is located... A PAC in the key of F

then there is a return of the A just as it was first played.. Bflat major..IAC in 16 and a PAC in 20.

then the C section is similar to the B, but is kind of developmental of the B so i called it C.. It last from m. 20-28 in the parallel minor ..g minor.. it has a HC in m. 24 and a PAC in m. 28..

Then the return of the A in measure 28-36. the same thing bflat major.. an IAC after four measures, and a PAC after the next four..

Section D possibly goes into c minor from m. 36-44.. there is a HC in 40 and a PAC in 44...then from 44-50 is a transition modulating back to bflat major.

M. 50 is the final repeat of the A section...a HC in 54 and a PAC in 58..

1 comment:

Martin Buber said...

if B and C are similar, would you say they have anything in common with D?