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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

This is in Sonata rondo form. The main theme, A section, a parallel double period, has a PAC at mm. 8 and mm. 16, with HC at 4 and 12. Then until mm 21 is a transition into the dominant. Thus begins the B section which is the development. This has a lot of 16th runs and such, very typical to Mozart, which ends on a PAC in mm. 36. Then there is a transition, and the A section begins again at mm. 40. I would actually call this A prime because there a few differences. After the second statement of the A section, the C section (mm.64), in the relative minor, begins and really develops its theme. It is very syncopated and chromatic, not light and musical like the original theme. It really slows down towards the end with a modulation that ends at mm 112. The A section is then recapitulated in the original key and then the D section picks up and mimics the B section. At mm. 173 glimpses of A are heard, but it isn't until mm. 189 that the real A section stands up and finishes this piece.

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Djumby said...

ummm so i'm obviously tired...this is an analysis of mozart's piano sonata in B flat Major k.333 III