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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Dear Diary,

so, it's 5:19 am, and nope, i haven't been to bed yet. i hate life.

alrighty, movement III....not quite at it's finest, and for that i apologize.

we start in Bb. it's a rondo form. there is a HC at m. 4 and a PAC at m.8. sorry this is kind of random, i'm running off of fumes of the "Sun Juiced Berry Banana Energy Drink from the local Greencastle gas station." to quote Tyler Pawl..."it takes you back to the days...when humans didn't speak." There is another HC at 12 and a PAC at 16. The next four bars make a lovely...actually, kind of boring, transition. B starts in m. 20. the rest clued me in on this.

....sorry, i was just trying to type, and then i typed what i heard...which really had nothing to do with mozart at all.

There's a PAC at 36, then another stupid transition. A comes back at 41. at 56 there's another stupid transition...maybe mozart was pulling an all-nighter too...i heard he was under a lot of stress. C comes in at 64. We get transition number 2 at m. 108. A is back at 112, and B's development at 127. I'm sorry that I'm not including anything useful, but it's sort of difficult for me to see right about now. my eyes are blurry. and i laugh a lot.

The mother of all transitions comes at 198. this is impressive, folks. i love it. it makes up for all his boring transitions before them. maybe i'm just so tired that i'll settle for anything right about now. scheise, it's getting light out. i'm never to going to get to bed. i should be pretty happy by the time class rolls around...if i'm still moving. A is back at 200. there's a hot PAC at the end...and a couple before that. I guess A morphs into a terminative section.

The end.


Ihearthautbois said...

you're called mui doi....
ha xoxox love you... good thing we went crazy staying up all night... I'll catch you passed out somewhere in the PAC on the floor later...
in conclusion:
glad we agree on this piece

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