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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sonata Op. 13 No. 1 in C Minor- BEETHOVEN

.This movement is a sonata rondo form beginning soundly in C minor.
.The form was ABACABA, typical sonata form
.The A section consists of three smaller themes (thats how I hear it anyway)
1. mm 1-8
2. mm 9-12
3. mm 12-18 ending on a PAC in c minor making the A section tonally closed
. There is a somewhat extensive transition, starting in mm. 18-24 and its easy to tell that a change is coming
. Tonality shifts at this point and the B section begins in mm. 37
. The first phrase ends in mm. 43 on a PAC
. The second part of the B section begins in mm. 44 and continues to mm. 50 and imitates some aspects of the first B section phrase ending on an unsteady HC
. The C section begins in mm. 80
. The other two sections repeat to complete the sonata rondo form, ending tonally closed in c minor...

Sorry this blog isn't very extensive but its 5:34 in the morning, I decided to bite the bullet and stay up ALL night writing my pysch of music paper... i don't have much patience.


Queen_Neopolitan said...

YOU'RE A FREAKING GENIUS! nice analysis...and i like the concise method.


Anonymous said...

Why is it not Rondo?
I have the second B section in C Major.
Is that wrong.

Anonymous said...

It is definitely a rondo which the ABACABA form implies. The first movement uses a sonata form with exposition, development, and recapitulation.