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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Chopin - Mazurka 5 in Bb Major

This piece is in ABACA, with repeats of the A, BA and CA sections. There are no transitions, so it can't be a Sonata-Rondo ... must be a normal, 5-part rondo!

A section: It's a contrasting, assymetrical period. The first phrase ends on a IAC, and the second has a cadential extension that eventually ends on a PAC. This section is repeated, ending on Measure 24. The double bar lines and change in dynamics from forte to piano signal a change of section.

B section: We move to the dominant, F Major. This section is sort of developmental of the A section. It ends on Measure 33. Afterwards there's a recapitulation of the A section in its original form and key. Again, we have double bar lines and a change in dynamics - to pianissimo.

C section: This is very tonally unstable - no distinct cadences. This section is also developmental, and is in gb minor. This section modulates back to Bb Major, ending on Measure 52. After this we return to the A section one last time!

Changes in tempo also serve as structural phenomena - we always return to a tempo when we get back to the A section.


Kaberle said...

good job blogging with structural phenomena's always a nice touch and helps to clearify points in the piece...

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Anonymous said...

I saw your analysis of Chopin's Mazurka No. 5 in Bb major. I'm sorry, but you are incorrect about the C section. What you're calling Gb minor cannot be minor without a Bbb. It is rather just a single phrase that goes Ger+6 to V.

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