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Monday, May 09, 2005

Mozart: Sonata in B-flat major, K.333, III

The A section begins soft, has a half cadence after 4 measures , and a PAC after 8 measures.This is period number 1. After this, there is a parallel period which ends strongly on a PAC to end the A section. Now there is a short transition sectionwich brings us to the dominant key by measure 21. This the Primary section. The B section lasts from about m. 21 to m. 41. I don't hear a solid cadence till m. 36, where there is a strong PAC. This is sectional. After the cadence in measure 36 there is a 4 bar transition section back to the dominant key and A section. It is an exact repeat of the A section Then we have the developmental C section. The C section is lasts from m.64 to m. 112. We have modulated to the relative minor of the dominant key, d minor. This section begins with an 8 bar phrase that ends on a picardy third PAC. Mozart flirts with the tonic in bar 87. This section is a very chromatic development section and it leads us to the A section and B flat major. This is an exact repeat of the A section. The next section is D. It is similar to the b section because it uses many sixteenths. But, it is longer and it quotes other sections. We then have a false return of the A section at 173. A transitional section from 189 to 199 leads us back th the A section.

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