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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

beethoven c minor

This movement is in sonata rondo form, which kind of confuses cuz we have already analyzed it as a rondo. I guess this just shows how similar the two are. The A section has three themes while the B section has two. The C section also has three themes. The A section is in c minor. The B section is in E flat major. The C section is in F minor. This piece is a combination of the rondo and sonata principles because of the number of themes in each section and their ensuing development. There is also a strong binary and sectional feel because of all the development.


Spoonaloompa said...

I thought the A section had two themes - I heard those two fortepiano chords as a transition, as they don't really have one tonal center and aren't used much later in the piece.

Spoonaloompa said...

I also thought the C section only had one theme - the first four measures. After that, the harmony becomes pretty unstable. Any stability is just a result of manipulation of that first motive.

Ihearthautbois said...

good job adamy... your analysis is nice and concise....

Queen_Neopolitan said...

dear bodony,

you're brilliant. can we get married? jim says hi. he's been singing all night, i mentioned Bui Doi...and he hasn't stopped since...that was 4 hours ago.

anyway, we should go to a recital together again...what are you doing this weekend?

p.s....nice analysis.


Anonymous said...

p.s....jim says his "butt is sweaty and festering" because he's been sitting in a chair for 10 days.