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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Beethoven Sonata in C minor

This is an awesome piece. It is in Sonata rondo form. The A theme is very easy to pick up on. It usually starts the second half of a measure following a fermata. As is typical of Beethoven, the dynamics are very dramatic in the piece and really highlight the changing sections. The B section goes into triplet motives that are very exciting. This section ends on the dominant before returning to the A section. The A section is pretty identical to the first A section and eventually ends the overall exposition closed. The C section is very large and goes through many keys. It continues ideas from the first A and B themes, particularly highlighting the triplet patterns. This ends with a transition of a long descending scalar pattern that brings us into the recap. and a return of the A section. Then there is a repeat of the B section. The B section is extended this time and makes use of new harmonies. The A returns for the last time. This time it doesn't stand out as much because it doesn't start with the pickup. It does, however, have the same harmonies. There is a closing that leads into a dramatic coda at 193 that is full of big chords and scalar passages. There is one final triplet pattern at the end that seems to be saying, "Good-bye" that concludes the piece on a booming FFF.

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