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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Mozart's Piano Sonata in C major, K.545 First Movement
Okie dokie, here's the little chart I came up with based on the one in the workbook:

Exposition: msrs. 1-28-CM, embellishments during repeat
First Theme: msrs. 1-12- CM, ends with IAC
Second Theme: msrs. 13-28-GM, ends with PAC

Development: msrs. 29-41; modulates to new key

Recapitulation: msrs. 42-73, new keys involved
First Theme: msrs. 42-57-FM/CM, ends with IAC in CM
Second Theme: msrs. 58-73, GM/CM, returns to tonic at end (msr. 70), ends with PAC

In the development section part of the second theme is developed. This theme has movement between the right and left hands consisting of 32 notes and quarter notes. The development borrows this motive of sorts and uses chromaticism to move the piece forward into a new key. The question and answer feel of the hands helps keep the piece going and smoothly transitions into the key of FM for the recapitulation.

The recapitulation has a couple new twists to it in comparison to the exposition. For one it begins in F Major. Also, the first theme is expanded with msrs. 50-53 with the runs of eighth and sixteenth notes in the left hand: a mirror of msrs. 46-49. The theme returns to its original self at msr. 54 and modulates back to the tonic to end on the same IAC it did in the exposition.
The second theme starts at msr. 57 but a fifth lower than in the exposition. In msr. 67 it changes a bit and begins to modulate back to the tonic key of C Major.

I like this piece because the different sections are really clear, making it a good example of sonata form to use for studying. Woot Mozart!

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