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Friday, April 18, 2008

Sonata Form

Exposition: m. 1 - 28 C Major
First Theme: m. 1 - 12 C Major
Transition: m. 13 C Major
Second theme: me. 14 - 28 C Major
Development: m. 29 - 40 A Major
Retransition: m. 41
Recapitulation: m. 42 - 70 F Major

Mozart's piano sonata in C major is a very clear cut sonata form. All of the components: exposition, first theme, second theme, transitions, development, and recapitulation all seem to be in place.
The first two themes from the exposition are developed in the Development. It is extremely sequential and modulatory. When the recapitulation occurs the main theme begins in a different key, F Major. This is not surprising considering it is a basic I - V key change. It continues in this key until measure 51, and it begins to make subtle transitions. From measures 51 to halfway through 57 it is the key of D major. The from 58 to the end the piece remains in C major. A motive that seems important in the piece is when there is a run of sixteenth notes and the quarter notes against them every first and four beats. This motive is heard in the exposition and in the recapitulation. It brings a sense of movement and transition in the piece.

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