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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh Clementi

m.1 – I
m.2 – I
m.3 – I
m.4 – V
m.5 – I
m.6 – I vii7/V
m.7 – V vi6 V6 V/V
m.8 – V
m.9 – V6
m.10 – I
m.11 – V43
m.12 – I6
m.13 – IV ii6
m.14 – V6
m.15 – I

m.16 – V42
m.17 – i6
m.18 – vii i
m.19 – V
m.20 – V7
m.21 – i64
m.22 – vii i
m.23 – V

m.24 – I
m.25 – I
m.26 – I
m.27 – V
m.28 – I
m.29 – I
m.30 – V7
m.31 – I
m.32 – V6
m.33 – I
m.34 – V43
m.35 – I6
m.36 – IV ii6
m.37 – V6
m.38 – I

Clementi’s Sonatina in C Major is a sonata form (ABA). The A section repeats, as does the BA section. The A section is in C major, and then switches suddenly to the c minor in the B section (measure 16). At the end of the B section, measure 23, there is a quick run including Mi to transition back into C major. The second time that A is introduced it is down an octave (measure 24-27), it differs for 3 measures then continues lowered a fifth all the way to the end. The A section has the exact same harmonic structure as well except for the three measures, in A1 m.4-6 and in A2 m. 28-30. In the A sections the hands alternate eighth note and quarter note rhythms. The B section also starts out with the A theme, lowered a step.
I really like this sonatina. It is short and sweet; the theme is recognizable and repeated plenty of times. I also like that it is easy to listen to. While I could not personally play this up to speed any time soon, it is certainly an easier piece than any of our previous hearings. I also like that the B section is minor, but it doesn’t sound too different from the other sections. There is a very smooth transition from B to A in the second half of the piece. The entire piece flows nicely, very stable and transitions smoothly. It really is a lovely piece of music.

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