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Thursday, April 17, 2008

let me introduce you; Sonata, the world, The world, Sonata

Element Measure Key/Mode
Exposition 1-28 -----

First theme 1-12 CM (I)

Transition 13

Second theme 14 -26.1 GM (V)

Codetta 26-28 GM (V)

Development 29- 41 -----

Retransition 33-41 -----

Recapitulation 42- 73 CM (I)

This is, in my opinion, and extremely terse example of Sonata form. A great place for beginning sonata appreciators. We begin with a nice and simple, though not entirely simple due to its irregular hypermeter, First/ primary theme. This theme is 12 measures long; its first phrase ends in m. 4 on a nice pac before taking off in m. 13 and ending on a cute little half cadence in CM. there is a very brief, one measure, transition from the first onal area to the second in measure 13 and then we continue onto the key of V (GM) where we find ourselves in the midst of our secondary theme. (Her name is B and she is a nice brunet who like to ride horses and is an unhappy single, in case you were wondering.) We stay with her from measures 14 until the downbeat of measure 26 when we are handed over to the brief closing material from measure 26-28.
After our brief stint with closing material we are introduced to DEVELOPMENT (definitely the most exciting of the sonata gang.) Development decides to use moments from our closing material to develop first, this is minimally strange, though strange all the same. We continue to see development use the closing theme through most of his section, however he does use a modified version of the motive we say back in B, you know, when the hands play tag. It’s a cute little bit so having it developed and depressed a bit (minor key) is perfectly ok with me. We have a harty retransitional section (actually the chase part) which makes up most of our development, its on he’s Mozart. Our full blown return to our First theme is a little surprising, but not extremely so, just enough to make it interesting. Of course this Recapitulation remains in the same key throughout which brings us to the end of our simple little sonata.

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