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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just a Quickie!

Alright, so I'm doing this in my spare time while writing my music history essay, so here goes nothin:
Exposition: measures 1-28 (C Major for all)

First theme: measures 1-12
Transition: measure 13
Second theme: measures 14 - 25
Coda: measures 26 - 28

Development: measures 29 - 40 (F Major)

Retransition: measure 41 (C Major)

Recapitulation: measures 42 - 70 (C Major)

I really like this piece. It's short and sweet, with some really nice runs going on in the first theme, and some cool lobbying back and forth in the second theme (m. 18 - 21)...feels kind of like a tiff between two lovers...maybe that's just because I finished watching a Romantic Comedy...who knows! Anywho, the development deals primarily with the second theme of the exposition, especially the calls back and forth, only this time they are a bit more complex, like the fight is heightening, including some bass cleff now to add depth to the calls (m. 35 - 40).

Then the recap returns with a one measure transition in 41, bringing back the nice runs of the first theme. Overall, this is a nice, quick sonata that is clearly defined by its form and has a lot of personality!

Nice going, Mozart

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