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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ok, here it goes...

P: mm.1-12
T: mm.13
S: mm.14-26
K: mm.26-28


This is a great example of sonata form. It is very clear where each section (p,t,s,k) begins and ends. And for that, I would like to give Mozart a big hug!
The first section is nice enough. We’ve all heard it enough to recognize it. It starts in the great, stable key of C Major, and then in the secondary theme (mm.14-26) it is in the key of G Major. Then Mozart has some fun in the development section with a sixteenth note motive battle of the hands. The development is in the key FM and CM. It then recapitulates in m.41. Then we have the pleasure of hearing the PTSK from the first section of the sonata once again! Yay!

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