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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Prussian Sonat No.1 in F

I like this poco allegro beginning in F major, I feel like the tonic key has really been firmly established and that things are stable. There is an IAC in measure 6 which is adds to the stability.. not as stable as a PAC would be which kind of leaves room for some harmonic elasticity. There is a little bit of a dominant feel that gets played with around measure 9, maybe thats just me. There is some transition material around meausres 17-23 and then a PAC in measure 24 where the forte dynamics also emphasize this finalization.
The developement starts in measure 32 and suddenly things are less stable and the keys seem to shift all over the place. There is an elision in measure 38and then this section ends on a PAC in measure 55. The A theme returns in measure 56 shortly thereafter and is pretty much a repeat of the same A material that was first introduced. I did like it though in measure 50 when the hands kind of switch roles, thats always a cool one.
There is even the same little transitional material and everything repeated the same as it was initially played all the way until the end of the movement with some added stuff like measures 74 to the end were terminative, but other than that, the same until the final PAC in F major at the end of the movement.
The sonata is presented in Sonata Allegro form...


jendpu said...

I felt the dominant in 9 also, I agree. I like how you added that the Forte dynamic marking helps with the finalization.

mvittorio said...

I agree that hands switching roles in this piece creates excitement. I like your use of harmonic elasticity too.

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