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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

CPE Bach prussian sonata

this expository section of this sonata begins in F major, but quickly delves into new keys. in about the 8th bar, there is already a feeling of shifting towards the dominant. the first expository melody in the first section is comprised of a phrase group, with what looks to be an IAC in measure 6. the melody up to measure 16 is what i like to consider "group 1": it is harmonically stable and the premier of the main melodic line. the transition occurs around measure 18, where the key feels minor; the transition ends in measure 24 in a PAC in the key of C. the expository melody is sequenced up to the dominant to end this section.
the development begins at measure 32. it feels harmonically unstable, but returns to the original key for a little while--rather different for a development section which is normally in a key other than the key heard in the expository section. but of course, other keys are played with in this section as the retransition occurs. the transition ends in a PAC in d minor.
the recapitulation begins in measure 56 in the original key of F major. there are some minor variations to the melody, but so rhythmically and melodically insignificant that it hardly makes a difference. peace out.


katie said...

The tonality in this piece was tricky for me. I suck at tonality. Good job clearing some of them up for me.

Kaberle said...

yeah..good job with tracking the keys and stating their relationship to the original key..good blog...

MeatPopsicle said...

Tracking the keys is difficult. I agree with your analysis of being tonally unstable at points.