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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

CPE Bach

This movement is in sonata-allegro form. The exposition begins in F major. It is made up of phrase groups with the first cadence being an IAC at measure 6. Tonal unstability sets in right after m.6. Here it plays with the keys of d minor, c minor, and c major. There is a deceptive cadence at m. 19. After this there is a i chord in c minor and there is a structural phenominae of dynamics (piano) which is the transition to the dominant. The next phrase ends in a PAC in c minor. The whole thing repeats after the PAC in m. 24.

The development begins in m. 32. It is also made up of phrase groups. This part of the movement develops group 1. And we feel like we're in f again. The retransition gets tonally fuzzy m.38. At m.50 the melody switches hands. The next phrase is in m.55. It's in the key of d.

The recapitulation begins at m.56. It is back in the original key, f. It is slightly different. At m.68 we move to the parallel minor, with a pac at 74. This feels sort of like an elision. Group 1 begins again and it stays in F. Motives from earlier in the piece are also used.


FluteBunny10 said...

Good job picking out characteristics like the retransition/tonality changes and the slight variations of the motives in the recapitulation.

Ihearthautbois said...

indeed, good job catching those more detailed changes in the recap, that i kind of neglected...