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Thursday, April 28, 2005

beethoven c minor sonata

this piece is in sonata allegro form. the exposition is from bars 1 to 47. the group 1 melody is heard in the very beginning. the group 2 melody is in the riht hand starting after the furmata in bar 16. the gesture is 8th notes and it is inverted in bar 24. group 2 is in the dominant. there is then a subsequent transition material taking us through a variety of keys leading us back to e flat at bar 46. The development starts at 47 and goes until bar 57...a very short development. Only the group 1 melody is developed. The recap starts at 57 after the furmata. the recap is pretty much the same up till around bar 103 where there is a false ending as the group 2 melody is developed a bit. The official coda starts in bar 114where the main melody is the primary focus though embellished a bit. another decrescendo sounding like a false ending but ends the piece on a c major chord.

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