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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mozart Sonata in D Major

This happy sonata obviously begins with the expository section. Group one is a contrasting period. The first phrase ends on a HC while the second ends on a PAC. The next phrase modulates and ends on an IAC in the dominant key of A Major. Then Group two begins. This group begins on the dominant of A major in the key of E Major. It is an assymetrical period. I like this subtle circle of fifths pattern. The next phrase ends on a HC back in the key of A Major. Then the entire section repeats returning to D Major. This circular feeling of building up in 5ths and then completeing the circle by returning, adds to the happy feeling of this sonata. The dvelopment reintroduces the second half of group 1. It is in the parallel minor of d. Ironically, the circle of 5ths sequence in this section is replaced by an actual sequence. This then turns into a monophonic scalar section. I love the huge shift in density when it's pulled off properly in pieces. Another irony, even though there's less density in these monophonic passages, there's more intensity through the lack of density. This leads back to the recapitulation in the original key of D Major. The piece ends with a cadential extenion stabilizing the final key with a strong PAC.


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