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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

CPE Bach Prussian Sonata

Sorry this isn't better you guys... so much to do with proficiencies this weekend. I'm sure most of you understand. Take it easy on me :) Here goes nothing:
This piece is in sonata-allegro form. (I am so smart. I can read the title of the chapter. ha)

-Begins in F Major
-This section is made up of phrase groups. There is no sense of antecedent consequent, or an increase in the strength of the cadences here.
-There is an IAC in m.6
-CPE kind of plays with some other keys, and it becomes really unstable. These keys are: d minor, c minor, and C Major.
-The Bass line is very chromatic beginning at m.11. This makes things even more unstable.
-DC at m. 19
-Then we have a minor i chord in c minor,and a transition to the dominant, but we end up in the parellel major key.
-Then we go to C Major and the whole section ends on a PAC and repeats.

-Begins at measure 32
-This section is also made up of phrase groups
-I'm not sure what's happening here with tonality, but the retransition is very unstable.
-The hands switch parts at m.50.

-Begins at m.56 back in f minor
-It's almost the same as the first time around, but slightly different
-m. 68 modulates to the parallel minor
-PAC at m.74
-Opening melody returns in F Major


John Styx said...

I know I've been working my butt off to prepare for these proficiencies...good job with your analysis, and don't worry!!

Spoonaloompa said...

Outline format r0x0rs. It's a very easy way to see the form in its separate parts. Nice work, k-town.

Ihearthautbois said...

Don't worry Katie you'll be great... we all will!
I'm glad we had some of the same thoughts on this piece for sure.

katie said...

Thanks guys... good luck to you all too! And Matty Rosensteele... where the heck have you been?? I havent talked to you in like weeks. Whats up with that?

Queen_Neopolitan said...


hi, roomie...long time-no see. i've been living here in my mitc hole.

i really like the format to your blog, it makes it very easy to read and is very understandable. great work :)

get some rest, and maybe i'll see you tomorrow :) if not, i'll do morse code on the wall so maybe i can talk to you while you're sleeping :)


Mr. Luxury Yacht said...

oooh, it's the super concise way of doing it. I should probably try that and quit droning on and on. good job

Minnie Mouse said...

Not to be a joiner here...but your format is nice. I do believe I said that last week as well before anyone else. That's my story and I'm sticking too. I'm original.
Break a leg this weekend K Daniel!! :-)