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Friday, March 04, 2005

To: Prince German Augmented Sixth

Ok, buddy- let's get a few things straight:

First of all, my Spoonaloompa is no rat. a gopher, maybe....but most certainly not a rat.
Secondly, who are you?
Thirdly.....I don't really know what to say....that's all I've really got.

Queen Neopolitan-Spoonaloompa
(for now the Spoonaloompa is staying)


Anonymous said...

My Queen -

I will reveal myself when the time is right. For now, realize that we were meant to be together, as the german augmented sixth chord is meant to stand next to the neopolitan.

A good neopolitan follows a german agumented sixth chord, and can change the tonal center of a piece of music. Follow me and we will change the world.

Spoon -

My challenge still stands. Name the time and place, and I will meet you there.

The Prince

Spoonaloompa said...

Prince -

This is starting to get a little strange. I hope you're not serious about fighting me for The Queen's love or you're in fourth grade.

I'll meet you at the bike rack during recess!


Anonymous said...

Spoon -

You mock what you don't understand. I think you're the one that needs to do the growing up.

Which do you prefer, Queen? This childish utensil or a mature man who isn't afraid to fight for his beloved?

Prince German Augmented Sixth

Anonymous said...

Go for the psychopath, suave prince! You know he's so much more fascinating!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Neopolitan (for I refuse to believe that you are truly royalty)-
I would merely like to express to you that my dear Prince German Augmented Sixth is not available to be "yours...maybe" as you say. Unlike you and that kitchen utensil of yours we are in more than a "civil union" as you like to say. We are married.
I would appreciate it if your brazen gestures extended no further towards the wandering eye of my husband. He is to be the next heir to the German Augmented Sixth throne and such conduct is deplorable. Who does he think he is? Prince CHARLES? I think NOT.

Sincerely NEVER yours,

Princess Gr+6

Anonymous said...

Princess -

I've been telling you for months now that things are over between us. You just won't sign the papers and I'm sick of it. I hate to bring the German Augmented lawyers into things, but it seems like you're leaving me no choice.

Queen - please don't believe the raving-lunatic of an exwife that is the Princess. My offer still stands.

The Prince