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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Mendelssohn Op. 19b no. 1

Surprisingly enough, this piece is in ternary form, which makes it an excellent piece to analyze in context of this chapter!

The A section is 15 measures long and is an asymetric, parallel period. The first phrase is four bars long and ends with a half cadence on beat three of measure six. The second phrase is nine bars long and ends in measure 15 with a perfect authentic cadence in the dominant, B major. Because the A section begins in E major and ends in B major, it is a closed section.

The B section begins with a five measure transitional section that leads into the melody in measure 21. There is an important structural phenomenon - a change in texture (it gets thin) in measures 19 and 20. The rest of the B section, which lasts until the pickup to measure 29, is developmental.

The A section then returns and this time, instead of lasting 15 measures, the cadence at the end of the second phrase (m. 41) is extended for the rest of the piece.

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