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Monday, February 28, 2005

BEETHOVEN: Piano Sonata in F minor Op. 2 No.1 Menuetto

I liked this piece, and although I do not play piano well, I appreciated a lot of things from a piano playing standpoint.
One of the biggest things about the piece I liked were the huge contrasts and changes in texture, as the piece developed and went on. One minute Beethoven has these smaller, more triadic and root posititon chords, and a few measures later, the texture has completely changed into a more dense one, full of stacked octaves giving the piece a more full, rich sound.
I felt like at some points the huge dynamic contrasts really took control of the phrasing that Beethoven was trying to convey to the performer, an idea that is very interesting to me. Especially in piano music, I really like to see how a phrase is completed, its cool to see how that works out when compared to oboe or orchestral music that I'm more used to.
The menuetto and trio are both in a simple binary form. I felt like the menuetto was more of a sectional or closed binary form, with the exposition returning in the original key, that is always what triggers that for me and makes it easy to pick up on.
I felt kind of like there was a transtition or different feeling in measure 58-59 as an extension of some type was made, in anticipation of the end of the piece.
Overall this was a nice little piece, and I can honestly say that it helped me, visually to really see some of the things we've been talking about lately in class.

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jendpu said...

I like you addressed this piece, discussing structural phenomena and relating it to the piano. I would've gotten alot more out of it if you had talked about some of the structural units also.