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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Schumann: Volgel Als Prophet from Waldszenen, Op. 82

This simple ternary piece begins with an expository A section. I hear a modulating period consisting of two symmetrical phrases in the first eight bars. The cadence in measure eight ends on a PAC in F major. From this point up to measure sixteen are two more phrases. This group feels developmental to me because it is expanding on the initial motive. The motive then returns exactly as it was first heard for the last 2 1/2 bars of the A section. The B section has a lot of contrast to the A section. The texture is much more smooth and flowing and many more notes are connected via slurs. The feel is much more relaxing than the playfulness of the A section. However, it is much shorter than the A section and only consists of a single period of two phrases. The B section is transitional/expository because it isn't like the theme from before but is moving toward its return. The structural phenomena then all change as the piece returns to the A section, which is the same as it was earlier, and then we have the end of the piece.

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