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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Mendelssohn Op. 19b No.1

This piece is in ternary form. There is a small introduction before the melody comes in. This happens in m.1-2. The first cadence is a HC in measure 6. The second phrase ends on measure 15 with a PAC in B major. The fact that the A section modulates leads me to believe that it is in composite ternary form. I say that section A is a parallel period that is asymmetrical. The B section starts on measure 16 and contains a group of sections which end on measure 24 with a PAC in B. The next phrase ends on m. 29 with the beginning of the return of the A section, with a PAC in E. The return of the A section begins on m. 29 and the first phrase ends on 32 with a HC. Then another phrase which ends with an IAC in m. 36. The phrase after that ends with a PAC in measure 44. And another PAC in m. 47, with a cadential extension until the end. The piece is very fluid and makes me feel calm.

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