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Monday, March 14, 2005


So, this piece is in composite ternary form, because each of the sections seems to have two inner parts.
The first part of the A section consists of two phrase groups--the first phrase ends in an authentic cadence in the key of G, and the second ends on a B major chord. the next part of the A section begins after the double bar, back in the key of G. This section feels also like a phrase group--there isn't a period feel to it, especially since the harmonic motion doesn't exactly allow it. this section does end in a PAC, however, so the complete A section is simple, closed binary form.
The B section has a rounded binary feel. the piece dabbles in the key of d minor, and begins with two phrases ending in perfect authentic cadences. again, it never feels like a period to me--this part of the piece is almost too relaxed for such structure. this section also plays with the original melody in a new key, so it feels rather developmental.
The A section returns around measure 73 to round out the piece--only the melody is played an 8ve up and is not repeated. and then there's some weird extension at the end! like this: "blah!"


Djumby said...

Darn! I didn't think of this piece as being composite. I wis i could go back and change stuff in my blog now....nicely done!

katie said...

I like how you called the extension blah. hahaha. Good job... enjoyed all the details about harmonic motion and the detail about how the piece feels to you. Nicely done.

see you tomorrow it deutsch.