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Monday, March 14, 2005

Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin. No. 5, menuet

This piece is in composite ternary form. The big A section encompasses Measures 1-32. In this A section, there is a smaller rounded binary section: a b”a. The a section is a contrasting, asymmetrical, progressive period (M. 1-8). The antecedent phrase ends on a AC, and the consequent phrase ends in B Major, making it continuous. The b section (M. 9-24) is more of a phrase group. We return to another, a prime section from M. 25-32. It ends in G Major.

The B section is also in rounded binary form. The a section starts in d minor and lasts from M. 33 to 48. M. 33-40 is a contrasting, symmetrical period; the first phrase ends on an AC while the second phrase ends on a PAC. M. 41-48 is a slight variation of the previous period, with elaboration in the treble. Still, the cadences are the same. The b section lasts from M. 49-64. It is more of a phrase group, and has the “fonte” feeling, in that it climaxes around M. 57-58. The b section uses the same rhythmic scheme as the a section, but expands upon the melody. The a section returns in M. 65-72, and is exactly the same as the first time, although its played only once through.

The A section returns in M. 73! It’s in the original key of G Major, but the treble is played up the octave. The a section lasts until M. 80. Unlike the last time, it is only played through once. The b section is the same as the last time, and ends in M. 96. The smaller a section continues until M. 104. There is a long terminative section from M. 105 till the end.


Djumby said...

ooo i hadn't thought of the A section as being a mini binary...good call!

Martin Buber said...

don't you love that chord at the end? G in the bass..but ooooh the right hand...and the trills on the whole chord!