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Monday, March 14, 2005

Le Tombeau de Couperin

Well finally I'm on Naxos!! grrr! This piece is very beautiful, one that I just like to listen and soothe me. This piece is definitely ternary and closed as it begins and ends in G Major. /the opening 8 measures of the A section set the main theme. It is expository and repeats. There is a PAC at the fourth measure and in the 8th meaure, the period actually ends on a IV chord. The next much longer part of the A section takes that theme and varites is slightly. The chords become larger as far a spaced out, and there is more of a change in the dynamics. It takes the theme, and each time you think its going to end, it goes a little further and builds a little. The B section then goes to D minor and has a much slower harmonic motion. It has a more definitive rhythm in the 3/4 time. It doesn't really use any of the main theme from the A section. It simply builds chords and then diminishes them. Everything is still very quiet and smotth. The piece then returns to the A section in G major, but it is a bit different. It has much more chromaticism. After awhile the bass moves from simple quarter notes to running eighth notes to give it more motion. It then has a three measure static PAC. Ok, time for sleep.

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