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Monday, March 14, 2005

Ravel: Lew Tombeau de Couperin, Minnuet no. 5

The A section of this piece functions as an expositary unit, and it introduces the motive that repeats throughout. Phrases often end w/ cadence, but they inconclusive and therefore phrase groups. Motive keep on going and is varied in key and register.
Then the material begins to vary, changing to a more minor, ascend up or descending down with a cresc./descr. This is not very long and acts not only as developmental but also as a transition back to A. The motive comes back in the original key and continues to repeat over and over with variation. Use of same motive throughout changing only in location on keyboard gives feeling of never-endingness. This A and B section serves to build a larger A section with Rounded Binary form. The piece as a whole is Ternary Composite form, as the B section is heard mostly as an independent. This section is in minor mode and gives a feeling of wandering and melancholy. Therefore, it is much more varied and less repetitious. Then the A section finally returns towards the end of the piece, and then terminates the piece.

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