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Monday, March 14, 2005


This piece begins in e minor. The a section is made up of a parallel period. The first phrase is 8 measures long and ends on an HC in B Major, the dominant key of e minor. The second phrase is also 8 measures long and ends up on a PAC in e minor. There is then a developmental B section that consists of two 8 measure phrases. The first phrase ends on a PAC in G Major, and the second phrase ends on a HC in e minor. We then have the return of the A section, which consists of the same material for the first 8 measures. This phrase ends on a HC. The second phrase is 11 measures long and ends on a PAC in E Major. The last 12 measures of this section are terminative, and there is a very strong pedal tone e throughout.
We then shift tonalities to C Major, which just happens to be the chromatic mediant. The A section is a 16 measure period. The first phrase is 7 measures long and ends on an IAC in C Major. The second 7 bars ends on a PAC in G Major. The A section then repeats. There is then a short developmental B section that is 11 measures long and there is a prominent pedal tone G. There is a HC in C in the 10th bar. We then go back to A, but we don't get the whole thing, and it transitions back to the allegretto.


Djumby said...

Chromatic mediant....last semesters theory semms to all be falling into place, nice job.

Martin Buber said...

your analysis helped my listening to it...just one thing, when you talk about things within the big A and B of the ternary, make sure to put them as lower-case (a b) so as to avoid confusion.

Queen_Neopolitan said...

K Daniel-

I only have one thing to say, you're brilliant. no, but seriously--nice analysis. I feel the same way about the piece. I missed the pedal tone G...nice work!

I really enjoy the shifts in tonicization, though when I'm tired and listening to it...sometimes I just think i'm going crazy!

Good job, K Daniel!!

mvittorio said...

Yah for chromatic mediants. Only thing missing is the form. Good job with detail in cadential structure.