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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Widmung by Schumann

Widmung is probably the most performed worked of Schumann's song repetoire. The song is ABA, or ternary. The word Widmung means dedication and the poem as follows is a deication of love. The modulation at measures 13-14 suggests the contrast in the text. The first stanza talks about the painful side of love, but at the key change the text discusses the peacefulness of love. The key change is by a chromatic mediant. The Gb text paints the word "float".
In the first phrase, the performer would want to make sure that they would not climax on on the word "Seele" as one would need to make sure there will still be energy for the word "Herz". On Schmerz, a softer dynamic would need to be used as well as floating the word "schwebe". In the B section, a feeling of rubato and ever changing dynamics would serve very well in this piece. On the word "himmel" (heaven) would need to be mf or less, because this is not a Handel Heaven but a reflective feeling. This piece is one of the most teasured and enjoyable pieces in all of lieder.

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