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Thursday, May 08, 2008

last. blog.

Soooo you know what time it is? Cause I do--yep, you've got it, it's last blog EVER time. I cannot contain the excitement right now. So, without further ado, here it goes.

The chord progression of the first 10 measures of the third movement of Mozart's String Quartet K. 421 is as follows (in D minor):

(measure) 1: i
2: iv6
3: i
4: V6
5: vii0
6: iv6
7: Gr+6
8: V7
9: V 65-43
10: i

The harmonies employed with this chromatic descending bass line is primarily that of tonic, subtonic, and dominant harmonies.

The analysis for measures 11-20 is as follows:

11: vii half diminished7/V
12: V
13: V
14: II
15: vii half diminished/II
16: II
17: vii half diminished6
18: v7
19: V
20: vii half diminished/V

The name of the device used in the cello part of measures 14-19a is called pedal point. The harmony prolonged throughout this part of the piece is V.

The harmonic progression of measure 22-29 is as follows:

22: V7
23: V7/iv
24: V7/vii
25: V7/III
26: V7/VI
27: VI
28: Gr+6
29: V

Wow, this section has a LOT o' secondary dominant harmonies...
The progression in the harmonies of the violins in 22-29 are similar to the descending chromatic bass line in measures 1-10. Measures 30-39 do not need to be analyzed because they are, indeed, an exact repeat of measures 1-10.

I'M FINISHED!!!!!!!!


Tiffypoo said...

I drank his milkshake.

Anonymous said...

damn, thanks a lot for this. it's helping me with my HW. I know you wrote this two years ago but it would be nice too if you had analyzed the Trio section, haha. but thanks alot for posting this, a struggling music theory student appreciates it tremendously.