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Thursday, May 08, 2008

adieu, know the rest

hay, girl, hay!

mozart roman numeral crapnalysis:
key: d minor
m.1 i
m.2 iv43, i
m.3 i
m.4 V6
m.5 VII
m.6 IV65
m.7 Ger+6
m.8 V, i6
m.9 cadential 64
m.10 i

In measures 14-19 Mozart uses the cello's note (E) as the basis of a common tone modulation to the dominant key. The harmony prolonged here is a V/V chord.

ugh,this part's confusing
m.22 V7
m.23 V7/IV7
m.24 IV7
m.25 vii7
m.26 iii
m.27 vi
m.28 Ger+6
m.29 V

uh the violins play the same motive as the first two analyzed parts except for it's slightly chromatic in measures 22-29. That's really the only similar part I see. You probably shouldn't analyze measures 30-39 because it's the same as the first ten measure of the piece....unless you were bored and needed to waste time.

this bunny is cute. the end.

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