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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mozart String Quartet in D minor

In Mozart's String Quartet in D minor, K. 421, the third movement, Mozart uses chromatic embellishment even within the first ten measures. Analysis looks like this:
m.1 : i
m.2: CTd7
m.3: i
m.4: V
m. 5: VII
m.6: IV65
m. 7: VI #6
m. 8: III #5
m.9 : iid6, V7
m.10: i
In measures 14-19, Mozart uses chromatic voice exchange and a held "E" in the cello, prolonging the E minor tonic harmony.
m.22: i
m.23: V7
m.24: i+7
m.25: IV
m.26: VII
m.27: III
m. 28: iid
m. 29: V/V
The chromatic sequence in the cello in measures 1-10 is moved to the first and second violins in measures 22-29.
Measures 30-39 are the same as 1-10.

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