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Monday, March 07, 2005

Peasant Dance from Mikrokosmos - Bartok

This piece is quite odd. It begins with a 4 bar introduction in the left hand. When the right hand comes in there are many accidentals and there is not a real feeling of tonic. In the first phrase, which ends in measure 12 with a PAC in G major, one can establish a fain connection of G being the key of the piece. There is a shift in the second phrase into a feeling of c minor and the phrase ends with either an IAC in C# with the G as a non chord tone, or a HC in F#. The last 9 measures of that phrase are an extension. Because the A section modulated, it is open. The B section starts with a completely different mood. The melody is continuously passed between hands and is very fluid. It seems to me that the piece is made up completely of phrase groups and sections. The B section is a section that builds until measure 45. Then, there is a transitional part at 46 through 51. The A section is then repeated with embellishments. Simple ternary form, that's what I say.


Sanders said...

Yeah, measures 21-27 and 46-51 felt a lot like distinct sections by themselves to me, but they could also be part of the preceding form...i dont know

Mr. Luxury Yacht said...

Good job. I chose not to do this one because I know that Bartok as a 20th Century composer does some crazy things.

MeatPopsicle said...

Great job. This was a difficult analysis. Do you think the recapitulation is different enough to be called varied? or is it just a literal repeat?

katie said...

Our analysis are fairly similiar. Good job!