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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Handel where'er you walk

This piece is in simple ternery form. There is an asymmetrical period in the A section with the first phrase ending at measure 7 on a half cadence, then to a PAC at measure 19 still in the same key (Bb) making it closed. There is an extension for the last three measures of the period, I know its a cadential extension, but I love the word interpolation so much that I just had to say it. Interpolation. There. The B section of the piece is in g minor starting at measure 20. Right away I noticed that this section was alot less stable tonally than the first, which added to the obvious distinction from it also. When listening to this piece, I didn't feel an antecedent, consequent relationship in the B section, also it ends on a c minor chord. That added with the unstableness makes me want to just call this a phrase group, but I'm sure it can be argued otherwise. And as most typical ternery forms do, we return to the A section at the end back into the orginal key. voila, there you have it.

1 comment:

Hui said...

Hey, pal! I think this piece is a compound ternary form...