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Thursday, March 10, 2005

G.F. Handel

Handel's "Where'er you Walk" is a simple ternary form piece. The A section ( in Bb) is assymetrical and closed. The first phrase ends on a HC in measure 7, the second one ending on a PAC in measure 19 with a 3 bar cadential extension. This then changes to the B section with measure 20. There is a major contrast from piano to forte that helps move the piece into the B section. In g minor, this section seems to be rather tonally unstable and lacking a strong antecedent/consequent relationship, therefore most likely making it a phrase group. It just never seems to really find a strong tonal center. This isn't helped by the fact that it ends on a PAC in c minor. After this odd B section, the piece in ternary fashion returns to the A sections and does my post.

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Djumby said...

let me just clarify the dynamic changes in the transition from A to B as there seem to be some discrepancies in some people's blogs....the A section is very soft. Once the voice ends, then the strings get very loud, then suddenly everything is back to piano in the B section.