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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Ok... sorry for the repetition with this piece here... I had it all analyzed by 8 pm... but of course I had to watch Lost and Americal Idol (tehehe) so the post is coming a little late.
This is an example of simple ternary form. The A section is made up of an asymmetrical contrasting period. The first phrase cadences in measure 7 with a half cadence. The second phrase cadences on a PAC in Bb Major in measure 19. The next 3 measures can be considered a cadential extension that helps transition into the B section. The dynamic changes from piano to forte during the extension, which makes the piano B section even more effective and noticable. The A section is considered closed, because it ends in the original key of Bb Major.
The B section brings a change in tonality to the key of g minor. There isn't a strong tonal center here, and no real strong antecedent/consequent feeling, so I call it a phrase group. The B section ends on a PAC in the key of c minor. I consider this to be simple ternary form because the B section is harmonically dependent on the A section, and couldn't survive all by itself. There ya have it.


Minnie Mouse said...

Great job for such a straight forward piece. Especially good with the structural phenomena that some of the analyzations lacked like dynamic leading to the B section! :-)

Queen_Neopolitan said...

I agree with T Minney's comments! Great, and to the point! And how was American Idol tonight?? Sorry I couldn't watch it with you, I was at the jazz concert. P.S.--it was great! Brava, K Daniel!!

Djumby said...

way to make my boring night with lots of homework a bit more light hearted with your extra, personal comments. I've never seen Lost, but I'm a fan of American Idol. You brought up interesting point that the B section is harmonically dependant on the A section. That makes me a bit more at ease with the tonally unstable B section.

Kaberle said...

This is horrible...what were you thinking....I can't be your friend anymore...j/, I just used j/k in a bout that..well anyways..yes, i agree with the lack of antecedent consequent feeling..good job, and the point..later.. kab Earl