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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Schumann: Carnaval, Op. 9, NO. 4, "Valse Noble"

This is a cute little ternary waltz by none other than crazy Bob Schumann. It starts in Bb major with an eight bar (4 x 2) simple waltz melody in octaves in the right hand. Accompanying this melody is a Boom-chuck-chuck bass line. Typical in the Romantic era, sforzandos (did i spell that right? Oh well it's like this: sfz) and crescendos are included in this section as well. This section ends with an IAC.

Next comes a 16 measure (4 x 4) B section. Schumann cuts down the texture to a single note at a time for the melody in the right hand, and the left hand plays arpeggios instead of boom-chucks. This section is all piano with accents on the first beat of every measure to add some shape to the quiet phrases. This section ends in a PAC.

Finally we return to A and the original key with a small transition and enough differences to call this A' instead. The texture remains the same as the B section, and the chord progression and melodic ideas remain the same as the original A. The first 8 measures are piano ending in a IAC. A fortissimo echo for 8 measures brings back the original texture (boom-chuck-chucks and melody in octaves) and structure (4 x 2) and ends in a IAC.

Oh Crazy Bob. How predictable you are.

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Anonymous said...

Is Boom-chuck-chuck really the official terminology?