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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Schumann, "Carnaval," Op. 9 No. 4, "Valse noble"

This piece has two major sections. The first section is in Bb major and ends with a IAC at measure 8, though this cadence is complicated by the large number of non-chord tones in the top voice including a C# on the downbeat of the I chord that resolves to D. The meter is 3/4 and the accompaniment does a pattern of the bass note on 1 and upper chord notes on 2 and 3.

The B section (m. 9-24) is very different from the A section. The key changes to g minor. The tempo becomes slower and has more rubato. The accompaniment turns to arpeggiated eighth notes. The dynamics are softer than the A section. This section has two half cadences on the V7 which is accentuated by pauses on these chords.

The B section then undergoes a transition to the A section (m. 25-32). The key returns to Bb major and the melody and accompaniment are similar to that of the A section but the dynamics and tempo are the same as the B section.

This leads back to a full return of the A section (m. 33) with an exact repetition of the A theme for the first few bars, but then changes to a descending line that anticipates the final cadence, which is an IAC that doesn't have the non-chord tones of the first A section which gives the song a feeling of an ending.


katie said...

You did a very nice job describing how the piece was put together, and how it works. I wish you had mentioned/discussed structural phenomena more.

MeatPopsicle said...

Your post was very structured and easy to read. That made it very understandable. I think your best comment came at the end when you said that the lack of non-chord tones lead to a feeling of finalization. I wish I mentioned more about non-chord tones in my post.

Minnie Mouse said...

This was a very detailed description and I liked how you organized. It was easy to follow and covered all the main points. Nicely done!

FluteBunny10 said...

Yes, I think that discussing some of the phenomena would have been a good idea. Did you notice that the dynamic and tempo changes added a lot to the phrasing, making the cadences more apparent?