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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Robert Schumann's Kinderscenen Op. 15, "No. 8 By the Fireside"

"By the Fireside" sounds as childish as the title alludes to. The tempo and dynamics are the most evident structural phenomena. The piece begins very softly. When new material enters, the dynamics grow from a piano to mezzo forte. This makes the new section of music more obvious. The written in ritardandos also complete phrases. The rit. at measure 16 is especially beneficial in concluding the phrase with a PAC. The performer played the piece with swells that defined the composition through tempo. The density doesn't change much which makes the piece a bit stale. At measure 9 the tonality changes without a key change. It's difficult to know what key these next seven measures are in since the accidentals don't match with the the relative or parallel minor key. The piece is played very quickly which adds flare but I still don't enjoy the piece due to the simplicity in harmonic texture and the lack of varied structural phenomena.


susannahRAMA said...

i'm sorry that you didn't enjoy the piece as much as you would have hoped. sometimes a piece is more enjoyable when the listener is unable to identify the chord progression--it's mysterious and eerily satisfying. hopefully you'll have better luck in the future.
nice response!

jendpu said...

I agree that this piece did come off a bit boring and simplistic. Although the dynamics make the flow of it very smooth and the performer did the best they could to give some interest to the piece.

Mr. Luxury Yacht said...

These songs that we are doing are quite simple right now as we're trying to get used to the feel of what we should be doing with these pieces of music and I would expect that they will get more exciting in the future. The purpose of most of the pieces in this assignment is for kids and I'm sure they enjoy these songs that have some complexity but are accessible. Good job everyone.

Liz said...

Wow - how short! Even though it is a little boring and unmemorable, the style of the piece does reflect the title - I think Schumann succeeds in creating the image he desired.

Hope you like the next piece better! :/

Liz said...

Crap - by "short" I mean the piece, not your post! Just wanted to clarify ... said...

I think the entire Kinderscenen was meant to played as a whole, and not have the individual pieces taken separately. Certainly, we do see them printed sepaarately in various collections of music, but I think it unfair to judge the piece simplistic (one is grateful for easier pieces!) when it is taken out of context, as it were.