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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Mozart Sonata in D Major K. 248

This movement is the third and final movement of Mozart's sonata K.248. This movement is where Mozart takes the liberty of taking a theme and variating it and playing with it. The main theme has already been stated in the first movement, and he has already written slow melodies in the second mvt, this is his time to play. He does this by creating a main theme in D major that is 8 beats long(in half-time that is). He then replays the theme, but in kind of an inverted form, after which there is a very definitive half-cadence. This is like his opening statement of this movement. After this, he recapitulates the theme in another oder of variations ending it with a definitive PAC. Then begins the first official variation. He plays with the melody, changing the chords under it, changing the rhythms, even modulating a bit to the dominant key. Thus it continues, with strong cadences and hints of the main motive or theme, finally ending in the 12th variation on a strong I chord.

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Ihearthautbois said...

yay for fugues, you sure don't get enough of those in that BACH you're working on right now, huh buddy?
I thoroughly enjoyed your post :)