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Thursday, May 01, 2008

theory, theory everywhere!

m. 79-83
m.79 - VI I7
m.80 - IV iv
m.81 - i64 V7
m.82 - I IV
m.83 - ?

m. 84-87 (1st ending)
m.84 - I VI
m.85 - V
m.86 - I
m.87 - I V/V(?)

m. 86-90 (2nd ending)
m.86 - V I6 IV
m.87 - V6
m.88 - VI IV
m.89 - ?
m.90 - I

The sequence in this section is stated twice. The first time is in m.82-85 in the bass (it is stated twice the second time down a third), and the second time is in m.86-89 (repeated down an octave). There is also a sequence in the treble voice that is a measure and a half to two measures. This sequence is repeated four times (m.80-81, 82-83, 84-85, 88-89). Beethoveen certainly kept the listener guessing with all the key changes in such a small section. But they occured smoothly and easily with key transitions.
When I hear Beethoveen I think virtuosity, which is just what this piece offers. This is a great piece for an accomplished pianist. Obviously I am not a pianist myself, but as a fellow musician and listener, I really am impressed by what one can do on the piano. This is a very impressive piece, and one that I would be very interested to see it performed.

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