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Thursday, May 01, 2008

First Theory blog....will this night ever end?

Well at least this blog is a short one.
m. 11 : I ( +6 )
m. 12: vi 65
ii ( + b6)
m. 13: IV
IV º65 (?)

Measure 12 which is the transition between the two measures of text we were asked to analyze. The interesting thing about this measure is all the chromaticism that is used, including a major II, shortly followed by a minor ii. We would expect that because a ii usually serves as a predominant that the following chord would be a V chord, but it is not, instead we have a tonic chord.

The final two chords to me seem rather out of place, having a B major chord in E flat major, now that's just weird. and then we have the slide up the C major chord. Guess that's just how they did it back then. The fact that the E flat is held above the B major chord makes it an even more interesting ending.

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