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Thursday, April 03, 2008

rondooooo not rondeaux

So I think that each one of these blogs is only worth 2.5% of our final grade. Hope I did the math right. OK so this trumpet voluntary by Jeremiah Clark is a Rondo. It is a five part Rondo that goes A B A2 C A3. Let's talk about the refrain, aka A. The refrain is a parallel period. The first phrase ends in a half cadence, the second is a PAC. Every time that the trumpet plays the refrain it is repeated in the organ before going on to the next sections. As far as the B and C sections, they can be thought of as modulating to the dominant, or A major. You could say that they just play with the dominant and secondary dominants a lot though. It's something we could fight out in theory class I think. As a performer I would try to vary the refrain every time it comes around, to make sure no one falls asleep. If I were playing the organ, which I wouldn't because there is way too much to do, I would maybe try to bring out a new line every time it comes around to keep everyone awake. And then at the end, on either instrument, I would BELT it. that is all.

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Scott said...

This analysis would be great if the tone was more sincere. And give suggested ways to vary the melody, and more details on how to belt it at the end.