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Thursday, March 06, 2008

music history test tomorrow

ok so fanny wrote another song. It's a sad one. The part the book said to analyze, measures nine to sixteen, is the part that repeats some lyrics. The first time around the words "somber, milds, dream-like, unfathomably sweet night" are sung. The second time, the words "so that above my life, you alone will float for ever and ever" Obviously both times the same chords are used, you could figure it out sense it has a repeat. She uses some completely insane chord progressions. She adds ninths all over the place, not to mention all the modal mixture. It works really well with those words, things like "dream like" and "unfathomably" and "float" work well with chords that mess with your idea of tonic.


I6 I65, iv b7 b6, i64 add b9, II, bVI v iv, i II biv6, i6, I

I'm not a huge fanny fan. Right now in fact, I'm listening to the I'm not there soundtrack. Look at this picture of Cate Blanchett in "im not there", can't you just tell that the music is better?

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Scott said...

Where do you see ninth chords? In measure 11 the Bbb resolves to Ab within the same harmony, so it is a non-chord tone rather than part of the chord. Regardless, go into more detail of how the harmonies mess with the idea of tonic.

V65/iv - iv - i64 - V7 - bVI - i6 - iv6 - i64 - viio43 - I.

Lots of mode mixture that reflects the transportation from this world to the dream-like world of night: dark (minor), illusory (deceptive cadence) never-ending (avoids an authentic cadence at m. 16, using viio43 instead of the expected V7).

There's much to discuss in this song, even if you don't like it as much as Dylan.