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Thursday, March 06, 2008

In Stephen Foster's song, Jeanie with the light Brown Hair, the chord analysis is:
m.13 Ab
m. 14Eb
m.15 Eb
m.16 F7
m. 17 Eb/Bb
Foster's use of these chord are a clear use of the typical pop song. Where as you have mostly a tonic to dominant motion. He uses alot of passing tones in the piano part of the song when shifting chords such as Eb/Bb to Ab. This gives a somewhat doo-wop feel. The chord move into each other very smoothly, mostly because of the IV V I motion. Foster brigde section still goes between Eb and Bb, but he has a typical pop motive, by using the voice in piano moving by thirds to a chord that can jump right back in the melody. This occurs at measure 13. The brigde is helped along by the use of an F major chord. This chord helps the feeling that there is a difference between the two sections by the use of A natural. It is in quarternary form. The performance of this piece is had to pin down. This being a pop piece there aren't that many strict rules about how it should be performed. No text painting need be excentuated, or any thing else like that. However, an effective way would be to perform it with as much innocence and fun the performer could muster. If you were to use back up singers, you would want them to sing all the chord changes accuratly to give a more collective feel.

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Scott said...

There is text painting, such as the inconclusive dominant in m. 16 third beat with "vapor". See other analyses for interpretations of harmony.